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"Ivory Scrimshaw at it's Best"

PLEASE READ. We have lots of new material in our materials section. If you would like to do your own scrimshaw, carvings, knife handles or just add to your collection. Our auto mailer is not working but I will try and email you back as soon as I receive your order.We ship USPS Priority mail. WE SHIP TO USA ONLY. We accept PayPal payments too. Just place your order and we will send you a paypal invoice all you have to do is ask. Thank you for looking.
     "Looking for the perfect gift with that unique gift flavor?" We have a line of scrimshaw ivory gifts that are sure to please for a lifetime. Solve your gift giving decisions with our beautiful scrimshaw gifts for all your loved ones.
     At Alaska Scrimshaw we make all of our jewelry items with genuine ancient fossil walrus ivory. This ivory has been buried in the frozen tundra for hundreds if not thousands of years. The ancient Eskimo people had little if any metal or wood and made almost everything they needed of ivory or bone and stone; from sewing needles to whale harpoons, sled runners to seal oil lamps, snow knives to fishing lures.
     Modern day Eskimo's dig the ancient ivory from the usually frozen earth in the two or three short months of summer, when the sun never sets and the earth thaws only a few inches at a time, never thawing completely. We purchase the unused and broken pieces that they find, then we cut and polish it to make the jewlery you're about to see.
     All of our ancient walrus ivory is legal, comes from private Native lands and meets all State and Federal regulations. WE SHIP TO THE USA ONLY.
     All of the art work on our products is done by award winning Alaskan artist Dennis Sims. Dennis has been practicing the ancient art of Scrimshaw in Alaska since 1976."


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