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Blade, Block & Bowl Cutting Combination
These finely crafted cutting partners have been created from Alaska Birch and American Walnut. The curvature of the 6 inch U.S. stainless steel blade matches the 8 inch bowl perfectly. Comes ready to gift-wrap or put to work. Price $66.95

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Alaskan Grabber
Grab these! Discover the fun in the word functional with Alaskan Grabbers. These salad/pasta grabbers are made of birch and are sure to be a hit on your dinner/banquet table. The Grabbers logo appears on each Alaskan Grabber. Made in Alaska By The Ulu Factory. Price $16.95
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Blade, Block & Bowl Cutting Combinations I 5'' Alaska Birch & Cultured Ivory Handled Ulus I
Inupiat Style Alaska Birch Handled Ulu I Alaskan Grabbers

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