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     Our Earrings are made of genuine Ancient "Fossil" Walrus ivory so NO modern day animals have to die to make these earrings. This ivory has been buried in the frozen earth for hundreds if not thousands of years. The ivory is dug up each summer when the earth's surface thaws out a few inches at a time. Our fossil ivory is taken from private Native lands and is completely legal to buy, sell and trade on the open market in the USA. The pieces are slabs of either tusk sections or teeth. As you will see from the pictures of our products the ivory varies in size, shape and color so no two pieces are going to be the same. However, we do take extra time to match the earring pieces from the same tusk section or tooth so pairs of earrings do match in shape and color. The coloration in the ivory comes from the different minerals found in the ground in which the ivory has been frozen. Ivory sizes for the earrings range from 1/2 - 7/8 inches tall by 1/2 - 5/8 inches wide. Each one comes on gold filled drop style earring posts and are packaged in a beautiful gift box for your convenience.

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