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Pocket Knives
These pocket knives measure 3 5/8 inches closed. They feature a razor sharp 440 steel blade, smooth bone handles and nickle silver bolsters. They are very high quality knives and are also quaranted by us against any defects in the materials. As with all of our knives the bone is sometimes better on one side than the other. We do the scrimshaw on the best side of the knife, because of this the knife you recieve may be worked on the opposite side that it is shown in the pictures. While the knives are not made here all of our artwork and engraving is done by Alaskan artist Dennis Sims right here in Alaska.
Image 06
Bald Eagle Head

Image 04
Bald Eagle Wings Out

Image 06
Bald Eagle Wings Up

Image 01
Brown Bear with Fish

Image 02
Brown Bear with Stump

Image 03
Brown Bear Walking

Image 06
dog team

Image 05
Caribou Feeding

Image 06
Caribou Walking

Image 06

Image 04
Husky Head

Image 06

Image 02

Image 05
Rainbow Trout

Image 04
Polar Bear Walking

Image 06
Rams Head

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