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Ulu Knives
Our custom made Alaskan Ulu Knives have 440 stainless steel blades. The blades are about 6 inches accross and very slightly in size from blade to blade. All of these Ulu knives, including blades, are made right here in Alaska. The Legendary Ulu Knife has been used by the Alaskan Natives for several hundred years.

The ulu knife (pronounced ooloo) is the traditional knife of the indigenous peoples of Alaska and has been used for hundreds of years. Originally they were made with a slate or stone blade and had ivory, bone, antler or wood handles. The Ulu is great for cutting, skinning, chopping and filleting. Today's ulu's are made with stainless steel blades. For our ulu knives we use surgical stainless steel blades, but we still use the traditional ivory, bone and antler for the handles. Our ulu's are made completely in Alaska even the blades.

Alaskan Ulu Knife

Our Ivory Handled Ulus are made of fossil Walrus ivory which is hundreds if not thousands of years old. We have plain fossil ivory handles with some having fossil Walrus ivory caps. The lighter fossil ivory handles we scrimshaw. If you don't see a scrimshaw design you like we will be happy to make one up for you.

Custom Made Alaskan Ulu Knife

Our Oosik Handled Ulus are made with ancient Walrus Oosik (Male Walrus penis bone). Even in Alaska's frozen Winter periods the Walrus Oosik still remains rigid. Most have beautiful dark and or light brown color. Some are capped with fossil Walrus ivory and the lighter ones we can engrave designs on. If you would like one with scrimshaw please let us know and we will make one up for you.

Image 01

For our Antler Handled Ulus we use either shed Moose or Caribou antler. Some we cap with fossil Walrus ivory some we engrave with Alaskan designs. If you don't see an engraved one you like we will be happy to put a design you do like on it for you.

Image 01

For our Wood Handled Ulus we offer a variety of styles, designs, and products. These include a Blade, Block & Bowl Cutting Combination, an Inupiat Style Alaska Birch Handle Ulu, and Alaskan Grabbers.

* The moose antler bases very in shape and size and the ulu you order may not have the exact base shown.

Almost any design you see on our web site can be put on our lighter colored handles. We can also personalize them or any of our other items for you. Making them great for wedding gifts, birthdays, anniversaries and awards or recognition pieces. Please email us for pricing on personalization's.

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