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Wood Handled Ulu Knives

Image 01

Click here to see our Blade, Block & Bowl Cutting Combinations Blade, Block & Bowl Cutting Combination These finely crafted cutting partners have been created from Alaska Birch and American Walnut. The curvature of the 6 inch U.S. stainless steel blade matches the 8 inch bowl perfectly. Comes ready to gift-wrap or put to work. We had to raise the price of these to make up for shipping costs. I don't know how to change the shipping prices on the website.
Price $66.95

Image 01

We also offer 5'' Alaska Birch & Cultured Ivory Handled Ulus. The size of these Ulus is generally determined by the job required. Smaller Ulus were better suited for delicate trimming of animal furs in the making of Arctic clothing. The sewing ulu, as it is referred to, is still used for intricate jobs and often for small hands. They are the perfect size for use as a cheese server. Choose between handles made of Alaskan Birch or Cultured Ivory. Each ulu is packaged with a convenient stand and a history/instruction booklet.
Price $12.50

Image 01

Click here for our Inupiat Style Alaska Birch Handled Ulu These larger handle Ulus with the open blade are very popular with the avid ulu user. The golden Alaska Birch is laser etched with Alaskan scenes to look great in any kitchen. Each knife comes with a convenient Birch storage stand and a history/instruction booklet. We offer these ulus with Alaskan designs and Native designs.
Price $16.95

Image 01

In addition to our wood handled ulus we also offer Alaskan Grabbers. Grab these! Discover the FUN in the word FUNCTIONAL with Alaskan Grabbers. These salad/pasta grabbers are made of birch and are sure to be a hit on your dinner/banquet table. The Grabbers logo appears on each Alaskan Grabber. Made in Alaska By The Ulu Factory.
Price $19.95

* The moose antler bases very in shape and size and the ulu you order may not have the exact base shown.

Almost any design you see on our web site can be put on our lighter colored handles. We can also personalize them or any of our other items for you. Making them great for wedding gifts, birthdays, anniversaries and awards or recognition pieces. Please email us for pricing on personalization's.

Blade, Block & Bowl Cutting Combinations I 5'' Alaska Birch & Cultured Ivory Handled Ulus I
Inupiat Style Alaska Birch Handled Ulu I Alaskan Grabbers

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